Friday, October 3, 2008

New Jane Austen Gift Ideas

For all you Jane Austen fans out their, I have found some more new Jane Austen gift ideas and merchandise, just visit the Jane Austen Shop. Their are new DVDs, Blue Rays and music.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas gift ideas for Jane Austen fans

Christmas is coming very soon and so we need to act fast and get our christmas gifts. If you know someone who loves everything Jane Austen I suggest you check out the following websites:

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I am hoping to get a copy of the latest tv versions of Mansfield park, northanger abbey, persuasion and sense and sensibility.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vote Jane Austen for President 2008

Jane Austen is going for gold next year. She is hoping to put a serious bid for the 2008 US Presidency. We will ignore the minor fact that she died in 1817, after all many politicians appear to be the walking dead themselves so there is nothing new there. We will also ignore the minor fact that you must be born in the United States because she was not given the option.

Jane needs help to get her message out there. The Jane Austen shop at and is selling all kinds of 'vote for Jane' media to help get the message out there.

This is the most serious campaign for the Presidency in 2008. Help Jane and let the world know that they should "Vote Jane Austen for President 2008".

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cooking Receipes

Has anyone out there got some good cooking receipes from the regency era (1790 - 1830). I am looking for some good dishes to try out. Email Annabel at

Thank you,


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Timeline of Jane Austens Life

Timeline of Jane Austens life, as shown at

(16 Dec) Jane Austen born at Steventon in Hants, seventh child of the Rev. George Austen (1731-1805) and Cassandra Leigh (1739-1827)

Jane Austen an
d her sister, Cassandra, leave the Abbey School, Reading

Eleanor and Marianne written, an epistolary work (novel written in letters). Lady Susan possibly also written at this point.

(Oct) First Impressions begun (later called Pride and Prejudice) (finished Aug 1797)

(Nov) Sense and Sensibility begun, revision of Elinor and Marianne. First Impressions unsuccessfully offered to Cadell who never looked at it.

Northanger Abbey written. Sold to Crosby & Go. in 1803, however they never published the book.

Austens move to Bath

Rev. George Austen dies. The Watsons and Lady Susan written about this time

Austens leave Bath for Clifton with 'happy feelings of escape', and visit Adlestrop and Stoneleigh. The families total income per year is 400 - 450 ponds. 210 ponds came from her mother and sisters incomes, the rest made up from her brothers' aid. Cassandra was left a small amount of money from her late fiancé. This amount of money was considered minimal for one women to live on in their class of society, not three.

(Mar) Austens settle in at Castle Square, Southampton

Austens move to Chawton, Hampshire (owned by Jane's brother Edward)

Mansfield Park begun (Feb). Sense and Sensibility first of Jane's novels published. the publishing was at Jane's expense (Nov.)

(July) 1000 copies of Sense and Sensibility sold, netting 140 ponds income. (Nov.) Pride and Prejudice sold to Egerton publishing house for 10 ponds.

(Jan) Pride and Prejudice published (Summer) Mansfield Park finished(Nov.) second editions of this and Sense and Sensibility

The chaplain of the Prince Regent writes to her asking her to write about a man such as himself, and indicates that the Prince would like Jane to dedicate her next novel to him. Jane disapproves of the Price's treatment of his wife but eventually dedicates Emma to him. (21 Jan) Emma begun (finished 29 Mar 1815) (May) Mansfield Park published by Egerton

Persuasion begun (finished August 1816) (Dec) Emma published by John Murray.

Jane regains her manuscript Susan and renames her heroine Catherine.(July) Persuasion is finished with its first ending. Mansfield Park, second edition.

1817 (18th July)
(Jan-Mar) Sanditon begun(March) Persuasion is finished being revised.(28 July) Jane Austen dies at Winchester; buried in Winchester Cathedral (Dec) Northanger Abbey; and Persuasion published by Murray

1818 (1 year after her death)
Posthumous publication of Northanger Abbey (originally "Susan") and Persuasion (Austen's fifth and sixth - and last - published novels), with biographical notice by her brother Henry; this is the first any of her novels are identified as penned by Jane, the first published simply as "by a lady" and each of the following published as "by the author of..."

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Looking for Information etc about Jane Austen

Hi, I am trying to find as much information there is out there on the author Jane Austen and her books for a find information about Jane Austen site. I am looking to source places to buy all her novels, DVD's on the novels, DVD's about her life, study guides, memorbilia, prince regent. Anything.

email any suggestions to or visit the site directly at